Vertical gardening

A new direction in phytodesign is vertical gardening. The special GREEN WALL model allows you to decorate the walls of your office with various plants that create a unique palette of colors of real nature in your interior.

We bring to your attention new technologies of vertical gardening of your offices and open areas. Vertical gardening is becoming a fashionable and very popular area of phytodesign, which has long been appreciated throughout the world. New unique technology allows urban interiors to approach wildlife. Vertical gardening has a number of indisputable advantages: due to its compactness, phytowalls allow saving useful floor area, and empty walls are given a decorative look.

A vertical garden is one of the most attractive variants of providing green spaces. Living walls from plants will be a wonderful decoration for any interior. With the help of our specialists, you can create by yourself a unique work of art - a vertical composition to decorate your space with various natural colors. The impeccable appearance of a living green wall contributes to the creation of a favorable microclimate and causes positive and joyful emotions. Flowers can be selected depending on the season, as well as in accordance with your interior and in harmony with your inner world.

Phytopanno or the so-called “phytowalls” can create a tropical forest atmosphere in the house, they soften and purify the air, trap dust, reduce noise, delight the eye, bringing us closer to nature, regardless of the season and weather outside. Unlike single potted plants, due to the considerable leaf mass, the phytoncid action of the vertical garden is much stronger.

Our GREEN WALL models, equipped with a drip irrigation system and automatic watering, are a modern soutions of providing green spaces that facilitates plant care and saves you time.

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Video about installing a vertical gardening system:

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