Gifts have always added pleasant, unforgettable and special moments and memories to our lives. And you always want a gift to show a person how much he means to us. Very often, a bouquet of fragrant flowers appears as a beautiful and pleasant surprise. Flowers will not leave anyone indifferent.  They are able to give us happiness, beauty and tenderness. And happy are those who know how to appreciate their beauty. But sometimes it can be difficult to give flowers alone, it seems that something is missing, in which case a small symbolic gift can be a wonderful addition to the bouquet. Salon Dei Fiori will be sincerely happy to help in choosing the right gift for your loved one. Be sure that your sign of attention to be appreciated.

We offer the most romantic and special gifts that serve as the perfect complement to floral arrangements. In the Dei Fiori salon you can find presents for a wide variety of occasions. And it doesn’t matter if you want to congratulate your loved one on some important date or just show attention. The gift chosen in our salon will always be appropriate and truly pleasant. Birthday, anniversary, date, Valentine's Day, March 8th - all these days can be made brighter with the help of our gifts. We also offer original gift wrapping services.

Special gifts for any occasion

Most of our gift options are filled with romantic and sensual motifs that are sure to touch any girl. As a rule, this is an original flower arrangement and a small symbolic gift as a supplement that emphasize your love and recognition for a person. In our salon, we offer you one-tier and two-tier branded boxes Dei Fiori, which can be used to fill with flowers and various sweets, such as high-quality chocolates or pasta. Romantic chocolate sets can almost always be an appropriate gift for your loved ones. We offer decorative chocolate of the best quality. After all, your loved one deserves a special gift. You can add romance with the help of aromatic sets, which are also presented in our salon. A variety of gift wrapping, ribbons and other accessories will add refinement and originality to your gift. In our salon you have a rare opportunity to combine various components of a gift and as a result create individual, sometimes even unique sets. After all, who else but you knows that can touch a person dear to you? With us you will certainly pick up the best gifts in Almaty. For example, for the New Year, we made an original sleigh and, together with our customers, selected the filling of these sleighs with various gifts, came up with original packaging and decorative additions. And by March 8, we had prepared special boxes for filling them with flowers and various confectionery. At the same time, we select the best suppliers to provide high quality service.

You can be sure that the Dei Fiori salon will make the most important moments of your life unforgettable. Since our main task is to help people, to please their near and dear ones, to give them happiness and a sea of ​​positive emotions. If you have any questions or individual wishes, then you can always express them in person or by phone. We will certainly help you with the choice of the most special and unusual gift in addition to flowers for loved ones. After all, there is nothing more pleasant than seeing joy and gratitude on the special person's face.

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