Cache-pot with autowatering

Today it is difficult to imagine our life without beautiful flowers and plants that improve our mood and create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. Dei Fiori Flower Salon offers you cache-pots and vases for indoor flowers and plants with the Hydrosystem automatic watering system. Greensun's Hydrosystem is an innovative system that provides irrigation of plants like nature. Original GreenSunGarden flowerpots with an automatic irrigation system provide optimal plant care. The root system of a plant receives the necessary amount of moisture and fertilizer from a reservoir filled with water. This makes plant's care easier. Flowers do not have to be watered every day.

  • Flowerpots provide plants with the necessary amount of water using an intra-soil irrigation system.
  • The root system receives water and fertilizer from a filled tank inside the pot.
  • It is impossible to fill the plants - you can control watering thanks to the water indicator.
  • The automatic watering system provides excellent plant growth and allows you to supply plants with water from 1 to 12 weeks.

This allows you to preserve plants when you are away. Automatic watering systems for indoor plants can be a salvation for the duration of your vacation and will help to significantly save your time in the summer period, when plants have to be watered quite often. Flowerpots provide excellent plant growth. You can easily control the presence of water in the tank by the water level indicator installed in the pot. The flowerpots are easy to move and maintain thanks to the integrated handles. In the presence of a wide range of models in various colors, designs and sizes.

Our company is a distributor of Green Sun Garden products. We provide services for phytodesign, landscaping of rooms and open areas, for planting, transplanting and delivery of plants, for the selection of patterns and colors of flower pots, as well as plants for a particular room, taking into account lighting and other factors important for caring plants. Additional information on cache-pots and vases, as well as indoor plants, including a detailed price list, can be obtained at

Cache-pots and vases with indoor plants are an excellent decoration for houses, offices, concert and exhibition complexes, celebration halls, cafes and restaurants.

You can find out the prices of our GreenSun products here.

Download the price list for cache-pots and vertical landscaping systems.

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